American Propganda in World War II

 "United We Win", 1943, National Archives

Mary Knoll

American Propaganda in World War II

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American propaganda in World War II helped win the war. Without the posters, comics, cartoons, films, and letters the American people would not have been on board to fight, and eventually win the war. These forms of propaganda persuaded the public on many issues involving the war. Not only did the government use propaganda on the homefront, they also put it to use overseas by dropping propaganda leaflets on their opponents. Without propaganda the United States might not have won the war. 


Propaganda is dissemination of information or facts. It can be rumors, half-truths, or lies to influence public opinion. It is a systematic effort to manipulate people's beliefs, attitudes, or actions. During World War II, persuading the public to support the war became a wartime industry and was almost as important as manufacturing bullets and planes. Different forms of propaganda were mass produced and distributed all over the country.