The War Within:

Breaking the Barriers of Human Hate

Zoe Canfield
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Image of Immaculee Ilibagiza

​​​​​​​[Image Courtesy Explore Big Sky]


      Immaculee Ilibagiza broke the barriers of human hate throughout and after the Rwandan Genocide by forgiving her captors, the people who killed her family, and those who wronged her: inviting the world to forgive the evils that surround them.

    This website decribes the struggle and triumphs of the Rwandan Genocide in 1994. More specifically, we go into the depths of telling Immaculee Ilibagiza's story. Through her faith, pers​​​​​​​everance, and example, we can see how she lives out her life every day.  


​​​​​​​       Our topic fits the theme of Breaking Barriers because Immaculee Ilibagiza pushed through human hate and was stronger than most people could ever be. When almost her whole family was murdered, she still forgave the man who committed the crime and decided to move past it. Many of us would want revenge or to hurt the killer, but Immaculee did the exact opposite. They may have had very differing opinions on politics, but Ms. Ilibagiza saw the killer as one of God's children, and looked past his mistakes  and beliefs.

A Young Rwandan boy crying next to the deceased.

[Image courtesy World Vision]

 Immaculee posing with a priest

[Image courtesy Presentation Parish]

Survivor of the Rwandan Genocide holding a baby.

[Image courtesy Facebook]