La Malinche: Traitor or Survivor? 


Ellie Brooks: Junior Division; Individual Website
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La Malinche is a controversial character in Mexican history. Also known as Dona Marina, she is seen as a traitor for helping Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortez as a diplomat and translator as he conquered the Aztec empire. But, for some she is a mother of all Mexicans, who forged Mexican nationality.  People have debated this controversial Aztec woman’s identity through paintings, books, poems and legends such as the Mexican ghost La Llorona. 

In this website I will show you the debate and discussion about who this woman really was. 

 (Ishak, Natasha. “The Story of the Native Mesoamerican Woman Who Helped the Spanish Conquer Her Own People.” All That's Interesting, All That's Interesting, 1 June 2020)