The Greatest Messagers Of World Wars One And Two 

Carrier pigeons used in World Wars I and II were not like pigeons you see in New York City eating French fries. These pigeons were brave and had special training to carry out important tasks. They delivered messages sent from the navy, U-boats, trenches, and airplanes. Some carrier pigeons were sent by balloon. Their messages were short, but important, carrying information on the location of soldiers or enemies, or supplies that were needed. Messages were rolled up tight, waxed and attached to a feather of the pigeon’s tail. According to an article on Spectrum by Allison Marsh titled  “Consider the Pigeon, a Surprisingly Capable Technology”, some “pigeons carried messages tucked inside small tubes strapped to their legs.” The writing on the messages was small and hard to read.  Some messages were in code. Without these brave pigeons who underwent loads of training, these important messages would not have been delivered. ​​​​​​​

Mcllelan, David. “THE ROYAL ENGINEERS SIGNALS SERVICE ON THE WESTERN FRONT, 1914-1918” 12-27 1917, soldier holding a pigeon. 

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