Argentine Soldiers at Port Stanley, General Archive of the Nation, Wikimedia Commons, 2 April 1982

"The fate of over 1,000 souls was decided in April 1982."

~Joseph Mauro, The Falkland Islands War: Diplomatic Failure in April 1982, 2010

Aerial Battle in the Falklands, Wikimedia Commons, 1982

​​​​​​Map of the Falkland Islands by Eric Gaba, Wikimedia Commons, 2007

​​​​​​​Buenos Aries, Capital of Argentina by Deensel, Wikimedia Commons, 2018

​​​​​​​London, Great Britain
by Caroline Purser, Getty Images, 2017

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The Presentation Commences

"We must find an element that brings cohesion to society and the country. That element is Malvinas."

~Admiral Jorge Isaac Anaya, 1982