Alan Turing's Information

Alan Turing breaking the Enigma Code

By: Michael Pister

Alan Turing - Early Life

Alan Turing was a very smart person, as a child he knew how to solve very hard math equation that a lot of people didn't know how to answer. When he was in School one day, he was called to the Principal's office, to which the principal said: "If he is so smart, then why is he wasting his time here?".


At the age of 13, Turing went to Sherborne school, which he became known as the smartest one there, after a few years later he enrolled at King's College from 1931 to 1934.

The War Begins

Soon, Germany started attacking the United Kingdom, very soon they got intel from Poland that Germany was using codes to speak to each other. That's when the United Kingdom Government asked Alan Turing to make a machine that could decode what the Germans were saying, which he did. A few months went by and everyone was devistated because nobody knew what would come next, luckily the UK became allies with a couple other countries and were able to speed up the process.

Turing figures it out

Turing finally makes the machine and starts decoding the Germans Code, making them one step ahead of the war. Which means that they start getting the upper hand as they know what Germany is going to do next. Unfortunately Germany figures out that that the UK has figured out their codes and decide to change it, which means that they have to solve it again.

Turing Advances in Technology

It keeps getting harder and harder to decode their codes as Germany is now changing them every single day, so to keep up with this Alan upgrades his machine which can now process a million codes in an hour or less. So they eventually beat Germany in war and have successfully knocked them out from WW2.

Turings death

Alan Turing died June 7th, 1954. In England, homosexuality was illegal and would get you killed, so after they had defeaten Germany, Alan went to the police and told them, which he was then arrested, a couple months later he commited suicide to which nobody knows why. Because of this, England has decided to put Alan Turing on the $50 note of England to commemorate what he has done for the world.