After Roe vs Wade was passed, the Jane Collective disbanded. Not only had their goal been achieved, but they additionally feared prosecution as a result of their medicinal practice without an official license. Originally, members had planned on continuing to perform abortions themselves; however, after the “Abortion Seven” were prosecuted, the prosecuter stated, “within the law, that would be impossible.” 

Comic illustrates the history of "Jane"

“Change will come, if we organize, and only if we organize. If we organize we can change the world. And when we organized, we did change the world.”

-Heather Booth​​​​​​​



Current President Donald Trump Signing anti-abortion laws. Retrieved from BBC.

Today, the debate over abortion policy still remains. Under the current administration, many anti abortion legislations have been passed throughout the country; however, abortion still remains legal throughout all fifty states. 

Additionally, opposition still runs strong throughout the country. Today, many women are beginning to find themselves in the same position as women thirty years ago. "Jane" serves as an important reminder as to why the legality of abortion is crucial. 

Pictured above is the 40th march for life, an annual march opposing abortion, done every year since Roe vs. Wade. Retrieved from NPR.