The Code of the Road

The Code of the Road

The hobo Rules of the Road, Unknown Date, Pintrest

Studying hobo communication allows us to understand the harshness of the road for hobos. They endured violent people who did not approve of their way of life. Without these communication methods, the casualties that hobos experienced would have been higher because they would not know where to avoid in the country. The exclusivity of this group due to their rigid code of ethics created a brotherhood who sought to protect each other.

Today's hobos communicate mostly via email or online. Every year hobos travel to Britt, Iowa to attend the National Hobo Convention. This convention is vital to the community because hobos share their stories, and music. It also is a chance to honor the ‘bos who caught the westbound years prior. The public is allowed to attend and get to learn about hobos and preserve their history as “friends of the hoboes”.

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What is a Hobo?
Riding the Rails

Adman "catching out" in a Los Angeles Railroad, 1979, Just A Little Further