​​​​​The Visual Arts of the Harlem Renaissance:
Chiseling Away at Racial Barriers and
​​​​​​​Painting a New Future for Black Artists

From Slavery Through Reconstruction; University of Nebraska

Panel 15; The Great Migration Series   

The Library; Smithsonian Art Museum


In the 1920s, the Harlem Renaissance enabled black artists to chisel away at the barrier of white superiority and patronization in the arts. African Americans proved their capabilities with various breathtaking forms of rich, self-expressionistic visual artwork. They compelled the world to acknowledge African-American heritage and culture, gaining control over the representation of the black experience in American society.

                                                                      The Visual Blues; Telfair Museums

Rebecca Chin and Abby Gemechu

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Jazz Village; Saporta Report

The Jainitor Who Paints; Smithsonian Art Museum

 The Great Migration