Dr. Seuss's Political Cartoons

Dr. Seuss' Political Cartoons

[Said a bird in the midst of the Blitz, "Up to now they've scored very few hitz, So I'll sit on my canny Old Star Spangled Fanny . . ." And on it he sitz and he sitz, 1941, UC San Diego Library.]


Before the legendary children’s book author known as Dr. Seuss wrote classics like

The Cat in the Hat, he communicated to others in a very different way. During World War II,

Dr. Seuss drew political cartoons urging his United States audience to join the war. His

cartoons were key to successly changing people's opinions about the war. Although Dr. Seuss published

his cartoons over 75 years ago, many are still relevant today.

The political cartoons were little

known until historian Richard

Minear published Dr. Seuss Goes

to War explaining the meaning of

some of Seuss' cartoons.

[Dr. Seuss Goes to War, 1999, Dr. Seuss Goes to War.]

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Dr. Seuss' Political Cartoons

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