Penicillin: The Antibiotic Breakthrough tha​​​​​​​t Impacted Worldwide Bacterial History 

"Alexander Fleming was awarded the 1945 Nobel Prize for his important discovery for the world of medicine" (Alexander Fleming Museum).

Noor Hassan

Penicillin: The Antibiotic Breakthrough that Impacted Worldwide Bacterial History
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Word Count: 1,199

Multimedia: 2:20
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The 1928 discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming crossed medical frontiers, being the first antibiotic to combat infections. Although he discontinued his research in 1931 after failing to isolate a usable drug, Fleming deserves credit for pioneering the first true antibiotic. His initial discovery allowed Oxford researchers Howard Florey and Ernst Chain to develop and produce penicillin, a frontline treatment now administered for more than 70 years to kill life-threatening bacteria.

"Medics using penicillin to combat infections in soldiers" (National World War II Museum).