Sadam Hussein Al-Tikriti

Dictator Saddam Hussein had shown himself to be a threat leading up to
the start of the war. When in power before the early 2000s, the Iraqi
government attacked its own people with chemical weapons, tortured and
raped them, and burned hundreds of oil wells in Kuwait, absolutely
devastating the lives of thousands.

President Bush found that getting rid of Saddam’s terroristic dictatorship could not wait any longer. One reason is that he was worried about Hussein’s continuing rule over Iraq. After Saddam, were his two sons, Uday and Qusay, who were reportedly even worse than their father, regularly committed acts of murder, rape, torture, smuggling,  and many other sadistic activities. If these men had an uprising in Iraq and connected with more terrorist organizations, their chaos and destruction would surely spread throughout the rest of the world. They were all extremely dangerous.

Uday would often inhumanely get his friends to drink shot after shot of alcohol for his entertainment, he would sleep with several women per night -many of whom were severely underage- in his “private pleasure dome” and then torture  and sometimes kill them afterward.  He would threaten death  on anyone who had a problem with it. Uday also oversaw soccer players and would “threaten to cut off players' legs and throw them to ravenous dogs”  if they wouldn’t do good enough.

Uday Saddam Hussein

Qusay Saddam Hussein Al-Tikriti

When it came to Qusay, he was silent but deadly. During the Shi’ite uprisings, he helped Saddam suppress and kill hundreds. His strength in this time led to him being seen by his father as a more responsible heir so Qusay was granted control over the Republican Guard and the nation's secret police. Saddam’s sons were not to be messed with.

During the War, Uday proved to be more effective with his running of the Republican guard. If the attack was never launched, and Uday took over after Saddam, the entirety of Iraq would have fallen to his extreme power, causing much more death and destruction everywhere. America had this fear in mind, and it was growing reasonably after Iraq started getting more closed off when it came to weapons inspections.