We are all learning to use NHDWebCentral.  And it's a new editing system, so there might be some changes as the year progresses.  Here are some helpful hints based on this sample site. 

1. Look at the instructional materials and videos created by NHD: https://www.nhd.org/nhdwebcentral-help-library

2. Before you start, read the How To handout from NHD which explains the importance of containers: 


Don't lose your work! (This whole page disappeared when the editor crashed.)

SAVE often by clicking the blue save icon on the top bar.

Consider writing your text in another place (i.e. Google Doc or Word) and copying and pasting it into the editor.  This way you can also use spell check, which isn't available in the editor.

Remember that historical accuracy and analysis counts for 60% of your judging score.  Clarity of presentation (the look of your website) counts for 20%.  So focus more on history and less on website design.