an attempt at diplomacy

An Attempt at Diplomacy 

Jimmy Carter addresses a group of about 150 U. S. Olympic athletes, Bettmann Contributor/Getty Images

"I've sent a message today to the United States Olympic Committee spelling out my own position that unless the Soviets withdraw their troops within a month from Afghanistan that the Olympic Games be moved from Moscow to an alternate site or multiple sites or postponed or canceled" - Carter ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

After the Soviets invasion Carter made an attempt  to convince the Soviets to leave Afghanistan. President Carter made threats against the "The Strategic Arms Limitation Talks' ' (SALT) treaty, but the Soviets made no move toward leaving. President Carter then  mentioned the idea of moving, postponing or canceling all together the Moscow Olympics if the Soviets remained in Afghanistan. The Soviets were given a time limit to agree, and when they failed to comply, he settled for boycotting the Olympics to show that he and his country did not agree with the Soviets actions. The Olympic Committee was opposed to the idea under the belief that the government did not have the authority to control their Olympic team, but their protest made no difference in Carter's final action. ​​​​​​​

The New York Daily News, Jan. 21, 1980

Cold war rivelries split olympics in Moscow, 

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