Martin Cooper, "Father of the Cell Phone"                                                                           (Britannica, N.D., Modified by Sasha Dragoshanskiy)

Motorola and the Cell Phone Revolution

Sasha Dragoshanskiy, William Kim, Lawrence Li, and Brian Leong

Junior Division

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Student-Composed Words: 1185

Process Paper Words: 493

Multimedia: 3:18


   When Motorola released the DynaTAC 8000x to the public in 1983, it fundamentally changed how humans communicate. The monumental success that Motorola had with the first cell phone was due to its extended history of modernization in the radio industry and their success in breaking the barrier of wired technology. By inventing the cell phone, Motorola made it possible for anyone to have access to a portable and reliable method of communication. Even after its initial success, Motorola continued to innovate its technology and is still prosperous today with its legacy of innovation. Motorola also continues to advance the smartphone and radio industry.

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