Impact - Marie Curie: Defining Her World Through Science

Marie Curie:
​​​​​​​Defining Her World Through Science

The Curie Legacy

Through discovering two new elements (both of which largely impacted the scientific world), defying and breaking barriers in her path, and refusing to be told no, Marie Curie made many changes to her world. Because of Curie’s dedication to her research, many things have changed in science. Radiation is now used to treat cancer, two new elements are on the periodic table, and many unspoken social rules were absolutely changed. Thanks to Curie, our world is healthier, more advanced, and there is a greater balance of equality in the world, all because of one woman’s dream of becoming a scientist.

(“Marie Curie explains to a group of nurses the potential benefits of radium treatment, 1916.” Nobel Prize Organization, 1916)