"Votes for Women!" :
​​​​​​​The Women's Suffrage Act


Women's political efforts in the 1920s lay the groundwork for later battles for greater equality and political representation. The National Woman's Party (NWP), a former woman suffrage group, concentrated on achieving full legal equality for women after 1920. It campaigned for the Equal Rights Act in an effort to have more women on juries.

In 1924, Mary T. Norton of New Jersey became the first Democratic woman elected to Congress without being preceded by her husband. This led to many other women taking part in political activities. 

People of other races and ethnicities and gender found the courage to fight for their right to vote through the suffrage movement.

The world crossed into a new frontier, changing the lives of women all over the world forever. Without the fight for women's votes no women's life in this world today would be the same. The 19th Amendment changed every women's life forever, showing people that women deserve to be given all basic rights that are given to men.

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