"Votes for Women!" :
​​​​​​​The Women's Suffrage Act

Violence was used against the suffragettes many times throughout their protest. The Night of Terror was when 33 suffragettes were arrested for protesting outside the White House. 

National Woman's Party members, had been peacefully protesting in the nation's capital for months while holding banners and placards that urged President Woodrow Wilson to support a federal amendment that would grant all American women the right to vote.After, they were taken to the Occoqquan Workhouse, where they were brutally beaten and tortured in 1977. Even in England, Nolan claimed, "Never was there a sentence like ours for an offense such as ours." These moments would be remembered by the suffragettes forever, showing them their actions had consequences. 

During a protest, army cavalry troops had to be summoned to restore order as police did little while onlookers attacked the protesters as they marched down Pennsylvania Avenue. 100 women were injured that day.

Their stories horrified the nation, urging public support for the Women's Suffrage Movement and bringing new momentum which helped pass the 19th Amendment. The freedom of that vote though had come with a cost of trutring 33 women who fought for what they believed in.

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