"Votes for Women!" :
​​​​​​​The Women's Suffrage Act

                         THE SUFFRAGETTES

              SUFFRAGE : the right to vote in elections 

Suffragists were those who were involved in the initial push for women's voting rights. Suffragists advocated for legal, nonviolent political activism. After the suffragists failed to make significant progress in the early twentieth century, a new generation of campaigners emerged. These women, who became known as suffragettes, were willing to go to greater lengths to achieve their goals. Emmeline Pankhurst founded the WSPU (Women's Social and Political Union) to raise awareness of the fight for women's rights. "Deeds, Not Words" was the union's motto.

The Suffragettes expressed themselves through art forms such as paintings, protests, and advertisements.

An interview by Carrie Chapman Catt, a suffragette : 

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