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Breaking Barriers

Analysis & Conclusion



Shattering The Glass Ceiling

Analysis and Conclusion

"Hater-ation, segregation, racism, that’s the noise you have to ignore that and keep your eyes focused on the prize, it’s just like Dr. Martin Luther King said, so that’s what I did."
~ Patricia Bath

(Cataract Treatment Inventor Dr. Patricia Bath Dies at 76)

(Bath, Patricia Era)

Despite being born into poverty, Patricia Bath was able to make the best of it and change the world. People used to think that African-Americans and females weren’t as capable as others. Bath overcame the barriers of discrimination she faced and showed the world that gender and race do not determine one’s abilities. She also made an impact on the world when she co-founded the American Institute for the Prevention of Blindness and spread the idea of community ophthalmology. The AIPB still exists and her practice of community ophthalmology is still implemented today, breaking the barrier of access to eye care for African Americans and bringing equal eye care to everyone still exists today and continues to break down barriers through the “Eradication of all preventable blindness,” (American Institute for the Prevention of Blindness) while trying to “Insure all children have all visual needs met, including eyeglasses. Assist blind children to achieve their best by special education resources. Establish the World Eye Institute for the research and treatment of blinding eye diseases, with clinic facilities open to the blind of all nations on an equal basis” (American Institute for the Prevention of Blindness). Getting rid of preventable blindness could cause the worldwide blindness rate to go down by 50% due to over half of the world’s blindness being preventable. Finally, Bath shattered barriers when she created the Laserphaco Probe. Her device has been used throughout the world since 2000, granting eyesight to millions, including people who had been blind for decades due to cataracts. Overall, this device has made cataract removal easier and more efficient. Bath died in 2019, survived by her brother, daughter, and granddaughter.​​​​​​​ Thanks to her family and friends, there is a scholarship named after her that helps medical students pay for college.