"The First Female African American Pilot," January 4, 2012. Smithsonian Institution

Bessie Coleman, circa 1922. Smithsonian Institution

Bessie Coleman in her plane. George Rinhart/Corbis Historical/Getty Images

An anti-negro, Mexican and dog sign in Dallas, Texas. Library of Congress

Page Hall at the Colored Agricultural and Normal University (now Langston University). Albertype Collection, OHS​​​​​​​

Bessie Coleman's aviation license. PF-(aircraft)/Alamy Stock Photo

      Bessie Coleman, January 1923. Gale                    in Context: High School

¨Queen Bess¨ Bessie Coleman. SDASM Archives/Creative Commons

An advertisement for the Five Blackbirds, circa 1931. Blue Sky Metropolis

Thomas Cox Allen (left) and James Herman Banning (right), October 9, 1932. National Air and Space Museum

Members of the Tuskegee Airmen, circa 1945. Toni Frissell Collection/Library of Congress

Bessie Coleman with a Curtiss JN-4 ¨Jenny¨ airplane, circa 1924. Smithsonian Institution

Bessie Coleman. National Air and Space Museum

A Curtiss JN-4 ¨Jenny¨ airplane, circa 1918. Wikia Military

A current-day image of a Curtiss JN-4D ¨Jenny¨ airplane. Smithsonian Institution

An image of Bessie Coleman visiting Berlin, Germany, circa 1925. The New York Public Library

A sign reading "Colored Waiting Room." Esther Bubley/Library of Congress

Aviatrix Bessie Coleman, circa 1925. The New York Public Library